4070 Steam Engine

The former Grand Truck Western 1918 USRA light Mikado (2-8-2) steam locomotive that was featured in the movie “The Natural” starring Robert Redford is currently undergoing restoration. The locomotive may be remembered as the one that ran originally on The Cuyahoga Valley Line as well as at Conneaut Lake Park.

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Repairing Stall 6-10 Roundhouse

With the building originally housing 15 stalls, today only 10 exist. We are driven to restore the building to its original condition with an open floor plan. This would allow for a state of the art locomotive service station allowing us to utilize heavy crane equipment to move these massive locomotive engines and parts.


Passenger Car Restoration

Check out our history laden rolling stock of passenger cars that includes former Nickel Plate 62 and 90 as well as Mt. Baxter and the recently completed NYC RR Business Car America.


Expanding Tracks and Turntable maintenance

Already having rail in stock, and having acquired a large collection of reclaimed ties, we have begun trackwork in the yard with the extension of siding A alongside the building. A section of that track was removed previously to excavate and replace clogged drain tiles that have been a problem for years. That section was re-installed earlier this year and now we are working to extend the track north to our yard limit.

Work began on the turntable a few years ago when of a large section rotted ring ties were replaced by concrete. The remaining ring ties were replaced last year with concrete followed by removal of the rotted ring rail ties in the turntable pit and replacing them with a continuous concrete pad.

Additional work to the turntable includes maintenance to the roller assemblies at each end of the bridge along with lifting the bridge to perform a comprehensive inspection followed by any needed repairs including deck replacement and painting.

Also on our priority list and well underway is installation of track between the turntable and stalls 9 and 10 of the roundhouse. Those two tracks will complete trackage to the structure and enable us to use all of the tracks in both sections of the roundhouse.


Glenwillow Depot

The depot built in 1883 by the Connotton Valley Railway as Falls Junction Depot to service the Villages of Solon and Chagrin Falls in Ohio.

Previously owned by the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad, it was donated to Midwest years ago when it was refurbished and used by the organization as a station for running its’ excursion trains. With excursion service ending a number of years ago, the depot was falling into disrepair and was sold to the Village of Glenwillow for $1. The depot would be the focal point for the new Pettibone Park planned across the tracks and be used for community functions. As a condition of the sale, MRPS would be allowed to use the depot if excursion service was to return in the future.

The project was to be completed in three phases with Midwest acting as the general contractor for the project.


Mt. Baxter

Recently awarded a John Emery Grant for restoration work on our Mt. Baxter Pullman car, work is proceeding to repair the steel columns between the windows that were rusted out as well as rusted side panels. Sandblasting and painting will complete the exterior work when finished.


Gift Shop and Welcome Center

The front room of the warehouse building is being restored into the new gift shop and welcome center where visitors to the roundhouse will check in for tours. Among the repairs on tap are to remove the drop ceiling and install a new floor along with the addition of heat and air conditioning. Exterior work includes tuck pointing, glass block windows and roof repair.


Bringing the Drott Back to Life

Down and out for a number of years and waiting for the rebuilt motor and transmission to be reinstalled, volunteers have been busy putting this important piece of equipment back together. A key piece to the 4070 restoration project, the Drott will be a workhorse once the locomotive is moved into stall 4 and the heavy work begins.


Roundhouse Machine Shop

Midwest has been putting together a fully functional machine shop with smaller tools in the old tool room and larger tools in the main area of the original B&O machine shop. Originally built to run steam powered machines with leather belts that ran within the rafters, the shop is being rewired to bring electricity to all of the machines. One of the first additions to the machine shop is the plasma table donated to Midwest by Lincoln Electric.