Bringing the Drott Back to Life

Down and out for a number of years and waiting for the rebuilt motor and transmission to be reinstalled, volunteers have been busy putting this important piece of equipment back together. A key piece to the 4070 restoration project, the Drott will be a workhorse once the locomotive is moved into stall 4 and the heavy work begins.

Live Project Updates

The project began with completing the assembly of the re-built motor and transmission, testing it and then installing it into machine. Tracking down parts that were removed years ago proved to be a challenge and a few that were missing were bought after consulting the manual on hand. Eventually the Drott was able to move forward and reverse, but a few problems were encountered during re-assembly of the crane components. A leak was found in the hydraulic swivel manifold that needed repair and currently, work is progressing in that area.

July 22, 2022 - 12:00 pm
Ken Yandek