Parts Inventory

Railroad Parts

As an organization dedicated to preserving our rail heritage while also owning and operating our own fleet of equipment that includes locomotives, passenger and freight cars, Midwest owns a large inventory of parts. Besides using this inventory for our own purposes, we sell and trade parts to individuals and organizations that may have need for them. Our inventory includes new and used items, many of which are vintage and no longer commercially available. Some of what we have in stock are the following:

  • Brass business car window frames and interior items
  • Alco parts, new and used including water pumps and turbos
  • SW1200 switcher parts including railings and grab bars
  • Original table bases and parts for business cars
  • Freight car parts
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Headlight brackets for diesel locomotives
  • Crossbucks and signals
  • Riveted air tanks that can be used for cosmetic restorations
  • Steps and vestibule stairs
  • Hand brakes
  • Brake mechanisms
  • 220v AC compressors
  • Slack adjusters for freight cars

We have many more that are not listed. Visit the Marketplace section of this website for additional items. Need anything else? Contact us and see if we can help


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