How do you become a member?

Click the Join us button on our home page or sign up in person at the Roundhouse.

What age groups? 

All Ages!

Under 18 with parent/guardian permission.

What could I do as a member at MRPS?

There are many opportunities to get on the job training and experience that may provide useful skills in other industries as well. 

Does it cost money for a membership? If so, how much?

Senior level ages 55 and up is $40

Regular level ages 54 and below is $45

Family membership is $60

Benefactor membership is $100

Platinum level, for those that wish to give more and help our cause is $500 and above

How do I donate to a project?

This website will have prompts for different projects that will enable you to donate online or you can donate in person at the roundhouse or by mailing a donation to Midwest Railway.

With most donations, 100% is tax deductible!

Visit our Donate page to see what projects we’re working on.