Railcar Services

Established nearly 70 years ago by rail service professionals and experts that are still to this day contributing their knowledge and resources, car repair and restoration has been a major source of income for our organization. MRPS specializes in diesel locomotive engine and railcar restoration and provides affordable and professional services for private railcar owners. Our restoration process follows strict Amtrak regulations when it comes to repairs, documentation and final Amtrak inspections. In addition to repairing cars and locomotives owned by others, MRPS also repairs and maintains its’ own rolling stock and motive power, and is able to rent that equipment out to add additional income to the organization’s bottom line. 

Benefits of Using Our Services

Working with a 501(c)3 may provide many opportunities beneficial to your organization.

Our nonprofit status allows us to provide cost effective solutions for locomotive and rail car services. Whatever profit we do realize is invested in the restoration of railroad equipment, the roundhouse or our railyard and ancillary equipment. The same applies also to leasing of our locomotives and rolling stock.

Our location offers easy access and Interchange with class 1 railroads and can be an effective solution to reduce your current hauling costs. We are in the CSX Clark Yard with interchange to CSX, NS and W&LE for easy transport.

We have a heated indoor facility with a machine shop for maintenance and restoration purposes. 

Benefits available include secured outside track for cold or heated storage.

Space is available specifically for storing your equipment no matter what your need.

Heavy equipment is on site and our facility was originally built for servicing railroad equipment.

Among our equipment are; heavy lifting hydraulic and pneumatic jacks, heavy cranes, stalls with pits and wheel drop pits and an operating turntable. We also offer sand blasting and painting and have an EPA approved locomotive-sized paint booth that will be installed in the fully restored roundhouse. 

We have heavy steel fabrication capabilities that include welding and precision cutting equipment, milling machines, lathes and even a full blacksmith shop. 

Locomotive & Amtrak Passenger Services include:

  • Complete Rebuilds 
  • Steam and Diesel Locomotives
  • Brake Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • 40 Year Truck Rebuilds
  • Traction Motors
  • Generators & HEP
  • Radiators
  • Wheel Installation
  • Paint & Body
  • Diagnostic
  • Outside Storage in a fenced in secure yard
  • Heavy Crane Lifting
  • Regional Railroad Supply Vendors

Our highly skilled workforce includes diesel mechanics, diagnostic inspectors, certified welders, pattern makers, machinists, certified electricians, sand blasters, paint specialists and a basic labor force.