Your Help Is Needed!

Those familiar with the history of Engine 4070 are aware of the crack in its main frame, caused by a drop into a turntable in Durand, Michigan before the end of steam on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad.  The locomotive operated through much of its’ late career with a repair made by the Grand Trunk that was only intended to last for the remainder of its’ expected service life.  Over the years, stress on the frame caused the crack to reemerge, introducing a flaw into the heart of the locomotive’s structure.
     Although frame repair has been a prime topic of discussion within the Restoration Committee and much effort expended to ready stall 4 and the drop pit for the repair, the time has come to address this head on. After consultations with experts in the fields of welding and locomotive restoration, it has been determined that a sum of $30,000 will be required to undertake the work needed to restore the frame’s integrity.  Donations are needed to cover materials and the experts who will assist in the process of stabilizing the locomotive frame, removing and rehabilitating the leading truck, gouging out and weld repairing the frame along with reassembling the front end of the locomotive.  Work cannot begin until the full amount is raised as the process cannot be paused or placed on hold part way into the repair. Once work begins, it must be completed.
     A coalition of members have come forward and agreed to match donations made during the initial phase of this campaign, so for a limited time your donation will count for double!  Please direct your attention to the 4070 donation fund on this website or inquire with the roundhouse office if you wish to contribute.  Repairing the crack is the first, most crucial step in the restoration process.  With your help, 4070 will run again!