Trains: They’re Not Just a Childhood Obsession

     The Institute for Learning In Retirement, sponsored by Baldwin-Wallace University, gave seniors the opportunity to learn about varying topics in a classroom setting. 2023’s Spring semester featured a class presented by members of Midwest Railway Preservation Society titled, “Trains, They’re Not Just a Childhood Obsession”.
     Spanning six weeks, the class consisted of six topics that began on Tuesday April 4th and continued for the next five Tuesdays. The topics and presenters were:

Class 1: A History of Railroads and How They Influenced Our Culture, Ken Yandek
Class 2: Steam 101, Steve Emling
Class 3: A History of Railroads In Cleveland, Mike Kole
Class 4: Railroading, and the People That Made Them Run, Mitch Karabinus
Class 5: Stories of Cleveland Railroading Movers and Shakers, Chris Whipple
Class 6: The History and Mission of the Midwest Railway Preservation Society, Steve Korpos

Demonstrating one aspect of our Mission, the class represented one facet of our efforts to educate the public about Cleveland’s rich railroad history while also bringing attention to the organization and our restoration projects. Class 6 took place on site at the Historic B&O Roundhouse and included a tour of the facility and rail yard.