Why you
should become a
There are many opportunities to get on the job training and experience that may provide useful skills in other industries as well.
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
All profit made from work we perform benefits the organization and funds our many restoration projects.
We have available space specific for storing your equipment
Space is available specific for storing your equipment. Our yard is fenced in and protected by surveillance cameras.
Our location provides easy access & interchange with Class One railroads
Our location is a cost-effective solution when shipping to or from our facility for storage or work by reducing your hauling costs. We are located in the CSX Clark Yard with interchange to NS & WLE railroad for easy access.
Heavy Equipment & a Facility Built for Servicing Equipment
* Heavy Lifting Jacks * Heavy Cranes * Stall Pits * Wheel Drop Pits * Turntable * Sand Blasting * Plans for installation of an EPA approved Paint Booth.
We have a Heated indoor facility with a machine shop
Your equipment can be serviced in a secure indoor facility. Our historical B&O Roundhouse also has a machine shop to mill and fabricate parts.
Heavy steel fabrication
All welding & precision cutting equipment, milling machines, lathes and a full blacksmith shop.
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